Yesterday in Desengaño – by DAVID NEVIN

Yesterday they were walking in Calle Desengaño and Raul found it difficult to keep up with his eight-year-old grandsons questions. Each answer usually lead to another question and then another.
“Grandpa what’s that lady wearing.”
“That looks like a leopard skin, doesn’t it.”
“Yes, but there are no leopards in Madrid.” Little Mario smiled, pleased with himself. “And why..”
“Do you know if there are any foxes in Madrid?” Raul asked.
“Foxes, in the city, but they couldn’t, could they?”
“There is a story about a fox on this very street, but a long time ago.”
“When you were young, grandpa?”
“No. A long time before I was even born or even my grandfather.”
“Wow.” Mario’s eyes widened. “That must be forever ago.”
Raul smiled. So young still. “There were two knights who lived around these parts. They were terrible rivals but fearless.”
“Like the Ninja Turtles and Skeletor?” Mario had the school lunch box and video game at home.
“Maybe like the Turtles, but people, knights, with armour and swords.” Mario nodded.
“So” Raul said taking Mario by the hand, “they met and were about to fight,” Mario made as if to ask a question, and Raul continued faster “because that was what knights did then. They duelled with swords, right in the street!”
They crossed the street and headed towards Plaza de la Luna.
“So what happened? And is there a fox in this story? You said..”
“They were about to fight, swords drawn,” Raul drew an imaginary sword. Mario laughed “when, out of the blue, they saw a woman, wearing a black veil, and she was followed by a ..?”
“A fox!”
“That’s right. A fox, walking behind her, up this very street. The knights being brave, followed behind the fox.”
“They wanted to see who the lady was, because they thought they knew all the ladies in the area. When they got close she stopped and turned and the veil came off, and what do you think they saw?”
“A monster?”
“Almost, they saw a mummy!” Raul raised his arms and walked stiffly forward. “They were so surprised they both shouted out, ¡Que desengaño!”
Little Mario was quiet. Raul was about to try to explain, but then Mario looked up. “So they followed a fox following a zombie.”
Raul nodded. “I suppose.”
“I like Zombies” said Mario “and next time I see a fox following someone I’ll know what they really are.”

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