The Sonnet from Hell – by SUE BURKE



In “Paradise Lost,” the epic poem written in 1667 by John Milton, the angel Lucifer rebels against God and is thrown out of Heaven. He finds his way to Earth, and there tries to wreak revenge. In this poem, I imagine how in the 21st century he might escape his terrestrial prison and return home.



Now that the stars have come within your reach

by calculus of heavenly orbit,

comes my chance to flee this gravity pit

and all I had to do to you was teach.

I urged you turn your eyes to scan the sky

and speculate on worlds you might revere.

Soon, you saw it as your next frontier

and took aim for the heavens. None but I,

my thoughts on freedom and your thoughts to stir,

gave apples both to Eve and Newton, bites

as steps to climb back toward infinity.

I am the morning star — Lucifer.

I fell, and now with you found means to flight.

With you, I will escape captivity.


Sue Burke

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