Street trading – by JOSE L. RECIO

Each loaded with a bulky rag on his back,
A handful of young African men
Gather along the sidewalk of busy streets
In Central Madrid.

Guided by an innate instinct for trading,
They camp somewhere along the way,
Unfold their rags and ply their wares,
Hoping to lure buyers from the crowds.

Alas! Seemingly from nowhere, the police show up.
These tall, slim, handsome African men
Quickly pull a string, and the rag closes like a clam.
With the bulge on their back, they run away fast.

After a while, though, they come back,
Unfold their rags and sell their goods.
Is this a game? Someone would ask.
It’s what these men do as their job.


José L. Recio

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