Perversity – by JOSE RECIO


You destructive, cruel,

 Demoralizing process;

A crown of sharp thorns

—perverse queen—

Set on the heads of some

While in their later years.

You announce your presence

With insidious waves of forgetfulness

And gradually, insert your dagger

Until you have carved every bit of memory.

Then, you wipe out the human thought

Of its mantle of words

And thus, you rip off

The connecting threads of reason.

You never cease in your tenacity.

You rob the heart of its animation

And deprive it of its feelings.

Relentless force that moves

From the brain down to the soul,

People of knowledge will soon

Find the crux of your power

And skillfully, cut your claws.


José L. Recio

José L. Recio Ha publicado 40 entradas.

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