Filling a void, by JOSÉ L. RECIO #poem

For Deborah

She has come to Ireland from America;
She has come and driven on back roads,
Following the route of a gap:
From today to century-old facts.

She has reached Coachford, Co. Cork—
Cornfields, pastures, trees; everything green.
At Kilcolman place, she has paused at the spot
Where her great grandfather’s bones rest in peace.

Further on, the ruins of an ancient town
Almost by chance she has found—
A dozen stone built old shacks,
Clustered here and there, around a fairway.

A dozen of grief-stricken thoughts
Have dropped from memory to soul,
And as many love-loaded kisses
Have flown from her finger-tips to the old stones.

She has come to Ireland from America;
She has come and traveled the back roads.

She has now narrowed the gap
Between herself and her distant past.



José L. Recio

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