Don´t you post? – por ELENA SILVELA #UnknownQuantities4 #Intimacy


I see my body made up with words.

My entire life would mean nothing without words. As teenager, they came to my mouth. Nowadays, they arise through posts. That is quite a change, the most accurate adaptation to modern times one could attain.

Adversity: it is in those times when my best friend is the keyboard below my fingers. My fear always has the words. The more I fear, the quicker they arrive. Like if they have never been inside my mind. The minute they ring, they have to be expelled, they urge me to find this compulsory exit to the world. My anger behaves in a different way: it obtains the exact words. Morbid, taunting and specific words. The angrier, the better I hit the mark. Both fear and anger appear sound, big, devastating.


Prosperity follows some kind of reversed exact pattern. Good things are easily announced. One may yell at a social network as high as exclamation marks, smiles, winks and other various happy emoticons allow. A written image capable of creating a big smile in the real world is the very great impact on social media. It shadows whichever other story. As we live in a world were happiness is required, desperately sought, no matter the shape.

I much prefer words to images. I tend to avoid personal photographs. Images are so very much self-explanatory, but they stick like glue to internet files. It also seems as if words, though explicit, could hide my deepest intimate essence that otherwise would show off –naked- in a photograph.

Like it or not, we all live in and around social networks: the Kingdom of Words, Lord Mayor of Opinions, President of Free Sayings. The widest communication path. The dangerous path. The place where one´s failure spreads far more efficiently than success. So does in real life.

Anyhow, internet communication and efficiency has become a must in daily life. A constant reward comes in form of response to a certain post. Quick, countless and right to the point answers.

And you… don’t you post?

Este texto aparece en la 4ª edición de la publicación anual Unknown Quantities, una colaboración entre estudiantes de Central Saint Martins en Londres. Explora el tema de la intimidad y su sentido en la actualidad. Componen el equipo diez mujeres de nacionalidades diferentes, cinco editoras y cinco diseñadoras gráficas. Se han seleccionado 29 escritores, poetas y artistas: expresan cómo se genera intimidad o qué produce la falta de ella a través de efímeros momentos con familiares, amantes o extraños. Se presentó el 11 de diciembre en la librería londinense“Pages of Hackney”No hay versión digital. Se han editado 200 libros únicos, íntimos, numerados y diferentes cada uno en su portada.



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