Blood Stains – by JOSÉ RECIO

Hiking on the trail with my dog, in the countryside, I like to observe the behaviors of some of the animals we come across, whether an insect or a coyote. Of course, I also enjoy other aspects of nature, such as the shape of certain trees, the color of some wild flowers, and the mountains view at sunset. But it is the spontaneous animal behaviors that attract me most. Here is an example, which I describe by means of linked haikus.


Blood Stains

He had been hunting—

haughty look and defiant pose,

blood stains on his chest


His feathers dark brown,

his body small, his feet strong,

his beak sharp, hooked, long.


He stood on a pole

and cast his hawk-eye on me;

I saw a prey in his claws


He saw scorn in me—

couldn’t help: hated what he did:

a naïve dove killed!


Stained his beak and chest,

not guilty but proud, he flew;

he took a quick flight


The hawk beat his wings

while I remained in my place—

sad and desolate.


José L. Recio

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