Attraction – by JOSÉ L. RECIO


I send you flowers, and I don’t know why. My soul gravitates toward you; that, I know. Silence, fraught with emotion, separates and also unites us. I remember our yesterday filled with passion and love, and the vacuum of today shocks me. But was it Love that which we had? We drank nights of waltz and nights of lust. I filled my self with the essence of your womanhood—not a limit, not a filter between the two of us. How could the intensity of our past vanish like that? From one day to the next, you broke away from me. You passed me a birthday card with a ‘congratulations’ written at the front and an implicit farewell sealed on the back. I felt wounded in my core and unaware of the beyond. I could only despair. Soon, it dawned on me that I had replaced him and now, he came back and replaced me in turn—in your heart.



José L. Recio

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