A fine dog, by JOSÉ L. RECIO

Fino was four months old when I brought him home.
He has since grown up—now three years and a few months.
Pacman was his puppy name, which I soon changed.
He looked cute, a fine pup, and ‘Fino’ means that.

I brought him home; he met Deb, and soon he learned
The two of us plus he made a complete home.
Smart, handsome, tender, happy puppy as he was,
It delighted us to have him as our pet.

He slept on a pad, in our room, by our bed;
He never disturbed or woke us up at night,
And so, he understood the yard was to play,
Trails to roam, and he, a whippet, was built to run.

And when a slim, tall, elegant, an adult dog
He became, he loved to run, and he ran fast:
Just a flash, and gone he was one hundred yards.
Rabbits he pursued, along with beings which moved.

So well Fino did, running on his own will,
That news was sent to us about a canine
Sport called Lure-Course. It’s a lot of fun for dogs;
Once he failed, twice he won, and thrice became best.

And so, Fino now has a yard where to play,
Trails on which to lead, a right sport to compete,
A home where to live, a soft pad where to sleep;
He has the care; he has our love, and we have his.



José L. Recio

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